Born in 1933 in Kobe, Japan, Toshi Ichiyanagi studied composition with Kishio Hirao and John Cage, piano with Chieko Hara, Barnhard Weiser and Beveridge Webster. After attending the Julliard School of Music and the New School for Social Research in New York between 1954-60, he returned to Japan in 1961, and introduced many new musical concepts, including Cage's idea of indeterminacy, exerting a strong influence on the stream of the Japanese contemporary music. As one of the leading composers in Japan, Ichiyanagi has composed in most genres of music: operas, orchestral, chamber and instrumental works. Among his major works are Violin Concerto "Circulating Scenery"(1983), Piano Concerto No.2 "Winter Portrait"(1987) and Opera "Momo"(1995, based on a novel by Michael Ende). While composing these large-scale pieces, he is also known for his compositions using Japanese traditional instruments such as sho and gagaku ensemble. Many of them have been performed throughout the world, especially by Tokyo International Music Ensemble where he serves as Artistic Director.
Ichiyanagi won the Elizabeth A. Coolidge Prize(1954) and the Serge Koussevitzky Prize(1956) during his studies in New York. Ever since, he has received numerous awards including the prestigious Nakajima Kenzo Award(1984), the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of the French Government(1985) and Grand Prix of the Kyoto Music Award(1989). In 1990, he was awarded the Otaka Prize for the fourth time, for his unique symphony "Berlin Renshi". His recent works include "Coexistence" for ondes martenot and orchestra (1996), Symphony No.5 "Time Perspective"(1997), "Coexistence" for orchestra (1997) and "Mirage" for shakuhachi and piano(1998).
■ 「Symphony No.8−Revelation 2011−」(SHOTT)
■ 「Piano Concerto No.5"Finland"」 - ―for the left hand―(SHOTT)
■Marimba Concerto(Schott Music)
■"Toshi ichiyanagi" - Camerata Comtemporary Archives ( Camerata CMCD99046 )
■Live Document “Hommage for Space” - Experimental Music of Japan vol.1 ( Edition Omega Point OPX-001 )
Toshi Ichiyanagi "Time Sequence" ('76)
■"Drip Music" Toshi Ichiyanagi (sound) + Yoji Kuri (image) - Obscure Tape Music of Japan vol.9 ( Edition Omega Point OPA-009 )
■"Music For Tinguely" - Obscure Tape Music of Japan vol.5 ( Edition Omega Point OPA-005 )
"Music for Tinguely" ('63) "Appearance, featuring - David Tudor, John Cage" ('67) "Music for Living Space" ('69)
■Toshi Ichiyanagi: Symphony No.8 - Revelation 2011 for Chamber Orchestra ( Camerata Tokyo CMCD-28257 )
"String Quartet", "Between Space and Time" for Chamber orchestra, "Trio Interlink" for Viola, Piano and Percussion, "Resonant Space" for Clarinet and Piano, "Symphony No.8 Revelation 2011" for Chamber Orchestra 、cond: Yasuaki Itagkura / Tokyo Sinfonietta / p: Toshi Ichiyanagi
■ 「Piano Recital Toshi Ichiyanagi」 ( CAMERATA )
「only spring water」etc. 、p:Asuka Iino,Toshi Ichiyanagi
■Symphony No. 7 "Ishikawa Paraphrase" ( Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting Co. )
Symphony No. 7 "Ishikawa Paraphrase, in memory of Hiroyuki Iwaki" 、cond: Michiyoshi Inoue / ensemble: Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa
■Symphony No.7 “Ishikawa Paraphrase” - Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting Co. 、cond: Michiyoshi Inoue, ensemble: Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa
■ Opera "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" [PREMIERE: 2012年/9/15日 、Kanagawa Kanmin Hall / Kanagawa ]
■ COMMISSIONED BY:Finland Korsholm Festival Piano Octet [PREMIERE: 2012年/8/6日 ]


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<Chamber music>

■percussion duo for Sumire Yoshihara & Yasunorni Yamaguchi,
COMMISSION BY Sumire Yoshihara

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan / Tokyo
Sumire Yoshihara & Yasunori Yamaguchi
■title TBD
COMMISSION BY Daisuke Kinoshita + Saori Nakazawa

■「Clarinet Sextet」
COMMISSION BY Avanty Ensemble

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall・Small Hall
The 20th Kanagawa International Art Festival Toshi Ichiyanagi Produce - Avanti! Chamber Orchestra
Orch:Avanti! Chamber Orchestra

Embassy of Finland / Tokyo
Japan – Finland Modern Music Association, Opening Concert
■“Paganini Personal” for 2 pianos (2011, 2 piano version)
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Le Parfum de Futur vol.10 Asuka Iino Piano Recital
pf: Asuka Iino & Toshi Ichiyanagi


■Piano Concerto “Finland” for left hand

Suntory Hall / Tokyo
Tokyo Metropolitan Synphony Orchestra Regular Concert
Izumi Tateno
■Marimba Concerto
for Mutsuko Taneya


<Instrumental music>

■"Sonatina" for piano - Piano Scenery

Carnegie Hall, NY / USA
■Concerto for Marimba

Tokyo Operacity / Tokyo
■new work for Aska Iino

■Marimba Scenery
COMMISSION BY Emiko Kitazawa
Tokyo Opera City
Emiko Kitazawa Marimba Recital - Marimba Mix vol.2
Emiko Kitazawa


■Symphony No. 8 – Revelation 2011” (orchestra version)

Suntory Hall / Tokyo
Tokyo Metropolitan Synphony Orchestra regular concert
■Symphony No. 8 “Revelation 2011”(2011) (chamber orchestra version)
COMMISSION BY Tokyo Sinfonietta

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Tokyo Sinfonietta the 30th Subscription Concert
Tokyo Sinfonietta



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